Our Mission

is to make creating & sharing engaging media stories accessible to anyone


Ihung Tu
The Visionary

In 2008, this guy said “I bet the iPhone is going to change how people create and share photos and videos” and he was so right. Excited about the era of mobile, Ihung left his job designing and building GPS navigation systems to pursue his mission. He wanted to empower every mobile user to “create and share cool stuff from their phones”. He and his team created the Mixcord platform where users have created and shared over 100M pieces of content. Ihung enjoys traveling, soccer and snowboarding.

Joey Pascual
The Builder

This guys ambition to build things go far beyond anything we know. He once drove an hour out of his way to help a friend build Ikea furniture only to spend a few minutes assembling the unit. Naturally, Joey leads all product development efforts and serve as the gatekeeper between user experience and the technology behind each product. Nothing is developed at Mixcord without Joey’s input and he provides the product vision for new features and rollout. Joey’s interest includes cars, hanging with friends and enjoying life.

Andrew De Silva
The Facilitator

This guy oversees end-to-end operations and runs a pretty tight ship. His philosophy in lean-operations, background in software development, and experience leading global cross-functional teams delivering software products to market, bring a unique set of skills to Mixcord. If you ask anyone, they will tell you they work really hard to not disappoint Andrew. He is so passionate about Mixcord’s mission it shows in everything he does. He will never pass up an opportunity to tell a stranger about the amazing work we are doing at Mixcord and strangely enough, this behavior is very infectious. Andrew loves experiences and enjoys art, design, photography, travel, and international cuisine.

Daniel Vinh
The Marketer

This guy loves technology and media. He helped developed a fictitious online university for the tv show LOST and was able to enroll over 65K students worldwide. Yes, this is a true story and he even won an award for his efforts. Daniel oversees marketing/biz dev has been very effective in building product awareness, developing partnerships and finding innovative ways to talk to users about Mixcord products. Daniel’s interest include dj’ing, movies, and travelling.

Mari Hatazawa
The Designer

This gal has a knack for design and loves photography. She once designed buttons for a backpack company and it was rumored that they sold out of the buttons in a few days. Yes, buttons…Mari holds the title for designing the first Mixcord app that was featured by Apple. Her elegant simplistic style and understanding of user flow elevates the visual appearance and matches the technology behind it. Mari’s interest include going out and exploring LA, taking photos and sharing with her family and friends in Japan.

Jon Andersen
The Hacker

This guy lives to code. He once told his friends he was taking a break from work and was found in a coffee shop coding. When asked why, he said he was coding for fun. He is no stranger to the startup community either. While in college, he co-founded a Swedish startup that helped movie creators crowd fund and distribute indie movies. Jon currently serves as the lead software engineer and is in charge of everything that keeps the Mixcord platform operating. Jon loves hiking, traveling, the great outdoors and learning new ways to code.

Fermin Longcob
The Runner

This guy loves to run, like seriously loves to run. He is a Ragnarian and diligently trains for the 200-mile trek with his teammates. He is the most patient and discipline guy we know. I mean, come on he must be to consistently train for the rigors of this competition year after year. His work ethic is undeniable and he approaches his work like he does his runs which helps keeps his sanity as he leads Mixcord’s Android development efforts. Fermin’s other interest includes paddling, traveling and spending time with his wife.