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PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor

Tell amazingStories

PicPlayPost turns your photos and videos into amazing stories you’ll be excited to share on social media.

Equipped as a full featured video editor, anyone can quickly create epic theatrical like films or memories for your friends in just minutes, all from your mobile device.

Best part is you don’t need any video editing experience, PicPlayPost is so intuitive it doesn’t matter what age you are, you’ll have fun creating.

People and professionals who use PicPlayPost - families, parents, teens, for pets, hair dressers, hair stylists, chefs, restauranteurs, fitness instructors, for workouts, yogis, for yoga, choreographers, doctors, musicians, travelers and adverturers, for memes, dubs, for dance, for branding and marketing, for sports, games, for recipes, how to

Create beautiful Slide Shows

Combine up to 365 photos, videos, GIFs, live photos and create videos up to 30 minutes - videos about your latest adventure & travel, workout, business marketing, milestones and celebrations, recipes, pets, sports and more.

Create stunningVideo Collages

Create up to 9 frame photo and video collage perfect for any occasion. Use the 9:16 frame ratio to create perfect video collages for Instagram Stories. Customize and style your collage with free patterns and backgrounds.


  • Create up to 30 min videos
  • Share in 1080P and 4K (4K only available on iPhone Xs and iPad pro and above)
  • Add split screen transitions to your slideshow
  • Add multiple text boxes you can customize with font and animation
  • Add multiple stickers from Giphy
  • Add multiple soundtracks

Trending featureAuto Stories

If you go on vacation and find that you have a ton of memories to share but do not have time to create a video, let us do it for you. With our Automated Templates, PicPlayPost provides several incredible options for you to create content in seconds.

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