We Are Mixcord

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We started Mixcord in 2010 because we are passionate about helping mobile users create fun and engaging content with photos and videos.

As we set out to push the limits of what you can create from your mobile device, it was important for us to ensure that creating content on your mobile device was easy. This means taking complex technology typically found in expensive video editing softwares and simplifying it so everyone is able to use it. This became a company wide mantra and it genuinely shows through our apps like PicPlayPostand Acapella.

Both are easy to learn without instructions but packed with complex features used to create cinematic quality content. They have become go-to applications among mobile creators and gained so much in popularity that they both reached the #1 spot (globally) on the App Store.

As the processing power of the mobile devices continue to advance, we believe that we are at a point where we will be able to introduce mobile-first video editing features. It’s a very exciting time as we continue to unlock the portability of content creation and the imagination of the content creator.