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Text to Speech

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Text to Speech for Video 

When adding the element of voice to a video, it might feel overwhelming or cumbersome, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why MixVoice was created – you can easily transpose your text to voice through an AI-driven text-to-speech service that offers more than 85 voices to choose from for your next project. You no longer need to create your own voice-over for videos: you can do it through AI on one simple app.

What is Text to Speech? 

Text to speech is software that is designed to read text out loud on a video. It takes words on a computer or other digital device and converts them into audio. With advancements in technology and AI in recent years, the speech component is more humanistic than ever. An AI voice generator is the latest in TTS tech that is able to generate humanlike speech right from your text. Previous versions of text to speech sounded robotic, but today, AI voice generators incorporate machine learning for speech synthesis to produce speech with emotion like never before. 

Benefits When You Add Text to Speech for Video

There are many reasons why adding text to speech for video is critical for your content. 

Adding narration to your videos will give your content, your product, your brand – a real voice. This helps tell better stories and connect to viewers emotionally. It’s also great for amazing creators who are shy about using their own voice on video. 

Adding a vocal element also helps maintain the viewer’s attention, and encourages more engagement and interaction with the brand itself. Plus, there are many voices, language and accent options to help you stand out on social media. 

Individuals with visual disabilities will also have better access to your material, making sure no viewer gets left behind. 

Text to speech AI voice generators with MixVoice give you: 

  • Lifelike AI voice options for video 
  • The choice to use another voice (and not your own) in your videos
  • Perfect VO recordings in just one take 
  • The ability to narrate in non-native languages
  • Voice options for non-speaking subjects (i.e. pets, plants, or wherever your imagination takes you) 
  • Better vocal quality than what you could record yourself
  • A way to stand out from standard TTS voices on native editing platforms 
  • Cost-effective content creation and editing
  • Increased flexibility and scalability 

Add Text To Speech for Video On These Platforms

TikTok Videos

  • Perfect for creators who are too shy to use their own voice
  • Select a unique voice and accent to stand out on the ‘For You’ page 
  • Add voice overs for #learnontiktok, #lifehacks, DIY, dub over, educational, how to videos, and more! 

Facebook & Instagram Reels and Stories

  • Import logo so videos are branded when they are remixed or reposted
  • Great for creators who can write in a different language, but cannot speak fluently
  • Export video in the most common 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, or 1:1 ratios

YouTube & Vimeo Videos

  • Add voice over with MixVoice on iOS, Macbook or Android devices
  • Export videos in high definition 4K resolution 
  • Low cost, no waiting, and easily accessible. Get text to speech voice results now!

MixVoice’s Use Cases For MixVoice’s Text to Speech 

There are many uses for text to speech – whether you’re looking to save time and money by not hiring voice over actors, or you want to create more inclusive content. Text to speech will help you narrate your content and make it more accessible in a cost effective, quick, and easy way.

Narrate Videos in Another Language For Multiple Audiences

To reach people across the world, narrate your video in multiple languages. MixVoice supports 22 of the most popular languages, including: English, Arabic, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, and more! 

Creators Who Are Shy or Not Doxxed 

If you’re not wanting to use your own voice on your videos or you’d like to keep your identity private, voice to text provides a great option for real-life voices without having to do it yourself or hire someone else. 

Narrate Videos in One Take

Unlike doing it yourself or hiring a voice over actor, it only takes one take to perfection to get the results you’re looking for. 

Accessibility for the Vision Impaired

Providing multiple ways to express your content (visually and auditory), will give more access to your content for a wider network of people.

No Wait Time or Hiring Paid VO Actors 

Think of the money and time spent that goes into searching for a  great VO actor. With just one take, in no prep time whatsoever, you’ll get audio that perfectly demonstrates your message or brand. 

Features of MixVoice’s Text to Speech for Video 

AI Voice Generator

Want to add voice over without using your own voice? Our AI voice generator allows you to choose from more than 85 lifelike text to speech voices so you can find the perfect one.

Supports 22 Languages

Provide more content for more people in 22 languages: English, Arabic, German, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai and more!

Supports 63 Accents

AI voice over software offers a variety of voices and accents to match your content and audience. MixVoice supports popular AI text to speech accents like British, Australian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Indian, and more! 

Choose Preferred Gender for Voice Over

MixVoice has multiple gender options for your voice over. Select a male or female voice within each language and accent for each video.

Work on Multiple TTS Projects at a Time 

Work on multiple projects at a time with the capability of saving projects within the app. This way, you can return to the project later to fix any errors and won’t have to replicate the entire video and start over. This also gives you the convenience of working on multiple projects at once. 

Audio Ducking 

MixVoice has an audio ducking feature. Audio ducking will lower the volume of the video audio if it detects a voiceover.  Users can adjust the volume level for both video audio and voiceover to find the perfect level. 

Simply turn on audio ducking to automatically lower volume (i.e. music), when the voice over is on. No need to do it manually! 

How to Add Text to Speech in Video 

Text to speech gives voice to your messaging and tells better stories. Whether you’re an editor or not, using this software will give more ease and personality to your workflow and for your brand, and it’s easy enough for anyone to complete. 

1. UploadYour Video

Simply upload your video file into the MixVoice app.

2. Convert Text to Speech

After adding text to your video, click the ‘Text to Speech’ button, and then choose your narrator, the gender, accent and language. 

3. Export & Share

You can download the project or share it directly to your social media platform of choice. Choose from TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or any of your preferred social media networks!