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  • youtube shorts creation tools
    November 25, 2023

    New YouTube Shorts Creation Tools [2023]

    Table of Contents What Are the New YouTube Shorts Creation Tools? 1. Collab Feature to Remix YouTube Shorts Content 2. New Effects and Stickers for YouTube Shorts 3. Live Stream on YouTube Shorts 4. Creation Suggestions 5. Curated Lists for...

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  • how to get brands to sponsor you
    October 29, 2023

    How to Get Brands to Sponsor You On Social Media

    Table of Contents How to Get Brands to Sponsor You 1. Build Your Brand 2. Know Your Audience 3. Produce High-Quality Content 4. Post Regularly 5. Diversify Your Content 6. Use a Hashtag Strategy Can I Pitch Brands for Sponsored...

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  • reading roo from acapella app
    October 20, 2023

    Reading Roo from Acapella App

    Reading Roo is a text reader app for kids from the creators of Acapella App. Scan a page, tap on the text and Reading Roo will magically read the text aloud while highlighting the words so a child can interact with the words while reading.
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  • how to hire a video editor YouTube
    October 8, 2023

    How to Hire a Video Editor for YouTube

    Table of Contents Do I Need a Video Editor? TL;DR On Hiring a Video Editor vs Doing It Yourself Hiring a Video Editor Editing YouTube Content Yourself What To Look For When Hiring a Video Editor How to Find a...

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