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Subtitle Translator

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Video Subtitle Translator

MixCaptions allows you to easily add captions to videos and translate languages to create subtitles, all with the click of a button. Become a more accessible and inclusive creator or business by serving your content up globally with the option of several popular languages.

What Are Subtitles?

Subtitles are text translations of your video’s audio, that helps non-native English speakers understand your content. They are used to cater to a wider audience – for example, if you have audio that’s in English but someone in Japan wants to watch it, they would have access to Japanese subtitles. 

Are subtitles and captions the same thing? Although many people think they are and use them interchangeably, captions and subtitles do have some key differences.

Captions, for example, refer to on-screen text like closed captions and open captions, which each have their own nuances. These are for people who may not be able to hear the video and rely on captions to understand it.  You can choose to create, edit and style open captions to stick to your brand’s aesthetic using MixCaptions to keep cohesive.

Subtitles are similar to open captions. These are added to a video and synced to a timestamp for viewers who can hear the audio but may not be able to understand it – like in the case of translating a foreign language into text for the viewer’s native language.

What Is Our Video Subtitle Translator?

Expand your reach with our Video Subtitle Translator. Available on iOS and MacOS, you can automatically add subtitles and translate languages on video with a push of a button. 

MixCaptions’ Video Subtitle Translator Features

Our in app feature saves time and allows you to reach a global audience easily by creating multiple videos with subtitles translated from English to other languages automatically.

  • Simply choose a pre-recorded video spoken in English and transcribe as little as 5 seconds, up to 30 minutes, depending on your account type
  • Choose from the 7 subtitle languages available
  • Use audio files (i.e. podcasts) to create videos with translated subtitles

Automatic Subtitle Translations

Save time, money and energy with MixCaptions’ video subtitle translator, which is done automatically. No more hiring outside help or pay-per-projects.

7 Subtitle Languages Available

MixCaptions has the ability to auto-translate captions into multiple languages, so you can share your content, spread your message, or get more sales in more countries.

The app translates from English into the most popular languages:

  • Chinese (simplified & traditional)
  • French 
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Customize Subtitle Fonts & Colors

Cohesively represent your brand’s aesthetic with the ability to customize the subtitle font, color and placement of your content. You can even add a text or image watermark if you’d like. 

Export Video With Subtitle Translation

Use the MixCaptions app to export English captions only, or switch to one of the other available languages. 

The translate feature will allow you to easily export your video with the translated captions, so if a viewer wants to watch your video in another language, they can simply change the language in the menu and have it available to them.

In order for a viewer to be able to switch from English captions to a translated language (i.e. English to Japanese), it would require you to import the captions for that translation via an SRT file so a platform like YouTube can offer the switch from English to the translated language.

Alternatively, if you upload a video with English captions already burned in, you’d also be required to load a separate video with the captions burned in for the preferred translation (i.e. Japanese). With this method, viewers cannot change the language in the menu.

Benefits of MixCaptions’ Subtitle Translator Tool

Quick, Easy and Accurate Subtitle Translation

Forget doing things manually: seamlessly create accurate subtitle translations with the simple click of a button inside the app.

Help Non-Native Speakers Understand Video Easily

Subtitles help non-native speakers understand videos easily. MixCaptions allows for the translation of English to 7 different languages, so non-native English speakers can follow along with your media without losing any context or missing anything.

Foreign films are a great example of the power of subtitles. The dialogue being translated on screen with subtitles in the viewer’s native language allows for global reach, so that anyone, anywhere can watch.

Tell More Diverse Stories

It's more important than ever to provide diverse subtitle options in your videos.

With subtitle translation, your audience won't miss out on the opportunity to fully experience and immerse themselves in diverse stories told in the creator’s native tongue because they’ll have the ability to read along in their own language.

Cost Effective Translation

Save time, money and stress by translating your videos withwith MixCaptions. No more pay per project, freelancers, or spending hours upon hours manually translating your content.  

How to Add Translated Subtitles to a Video

Translating subtitles using MixCaptions makes the process of globalizing your content easy. Simply upload a video and start translating!

Before starting the subtitle translation process, be aware that the translation function will not work with manually added captions or captions that existed on the video prior to importing.

A) Quick & Simple 

  1. Upload your video/audio file 
  2. Select the “automatic captioning” option in the menu that pops up. Confirm ‘spoken language’ is set to English and choose the subtitle translation language. (Once captions are generated, users cannot translate or add other languages)
  3. Allow MixCaptions to automatically caption the video. 
  4. Review the captions for accuracy 
  5. Share to your favorite social media platforms
B) Advanced
  1. Autogenerate and translate captions using the steps above in “Quick & Simple”
  2. Import your own font and customize and place the captions on your screen
  3. Easily make minor edits and adjust any timing you need
  4. Personalize your text with a watermark 
  5. Share to your favorite social or web platforms