Mixcord Inc., creators of PicPlayPost and Acapella App


PicPlayPost turns your photos and videos into amazing stories you’ll be excited to share on social media.

Equipped as a full featured video editor, anyone can quickly create epic theatrical like films or memories for your friends in just minutes, all from your mobile device.

Best part is you don’t need any video editing experience, PicPlayPost is so intuitive it doesn’t matter what age you are, you’ll have fun creating.

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From the makers of PicPlayPost, Acapella is a collaborative platform that provides singers and musicians an easy way to create amazing acapella videos.

Elevate your performances by creating multi-part harmonies or jam with different instruments. You can create in three simple steps and Acapella is equipped with some awesome features - Built-in metronome, record in real time, audio panning and much more!

Be sure to join the Acapella community and connect with other singers and musicians!

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PopAGraph offers endless combinations of features that will add style to your images and produce a 3D effect by literally popping the subject off the image. PopAGraph incorporates state-of-art image recognition technology to assist you in effortlessly isolating the subject in your image and applying filters separate to the background to add a dramatic contrast.

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