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What is Threads App for Instagram & How Can Creators Use It?

Instagram Threads officially launched on July 5th of 2023, giving creators a unique space to share text-based content in a way that resembles some of the best days of early Twitter’s (now known as X’s) development. Many flocked to the app, drawn to its user-friendly and simple nature. Instead of working to appease the changing preferences and aesthetics of a certain group or space, creators post content in real-time, often in a casual, conversational way. This format offers the appearance of authenticity for most, and gives creators a more “stress-free” way to participate with their viewers. 

The launch of Threads happened concurrently with Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter (now known as X), further prompting viewers to flock to the alternative as the fate of X remained uncertain at the time. This led to a boom of 44 million daily active users in the wake of the launch, which has since been condensed to a count of 13 million active daily users. 

Below, we’re digging into everything creators need to know to use the Threads app successfully. Read on to learn more. 

What Is Threads App From Instagram? 

Threads is a new app from the team at Meta that helps creators share conversational-style content with the world. The Instagram Threads app offers a similar feed style to Instagram, weaving in content from those you follow and new creators who are in your sphere of influence. Creators have 500 characters of textual space to offer real-time updates, links, photos and videos. 

Do You Need an Instagram Account to Sign Up for Threads?

All users need to have an Instagram account to sign up for Threads by Instagram. This is a step that Meta enforces to protect members from excessive spam or other unsafe use of the platform. 

Since Instagram links current user accounts to the creation of a user’s Threads account, users will see that their Instagram name translates cleanly to their Threads account. They also will see the Threads verification “count” badge (shown below) will show clearly in a profile’s bio area. 

If you’re wondering how to get verified on Instagram, know that you won’t have to do a separate verification process for Threads. Verification comes over seamlessly between accounts. 

This isn’t the only instance of automation and ease found in the Meta-created platform. Users also receive customized follower recommendations from both people that they follow (and who follow them) on Instagram, as well as others that Threads believes the user might find interest in. This smart-follow recommendation process is especially helpful for creators, removing a great deal of the legwork that would otherwise happen to regain their following on a new platform. 

Current Features on the Instagram Threads App

There are many current features in Threads that both creators and viewers find valuable. We’ve put together a list of top finds below:* 

*Please note that the features listed below are those that are available at the time of this publication. There may be others added or removed at Meta’s discretion. 

  • Posts: These are the textual Threads app posts that you’ll see upon opening the app, totaling less than or equal to 500 words. Creators often enhance these posts with embedded links, photo content or short-form video clips. 
  • Share functionality: If you’re looking to share Threads from Instagram, you’re in luck. The Threads app has multiple avenues of shared functionality for seamless reposts across devices and apps. Users have the option of sharing a post to their Instagram Stories in classic Threads format, or via a share link on other platforms (such as X, Facebook, Pinterest and Discord). 
  • Filtration: Like any strong social media platform, Threads by Instagram is designed with user-first functionality. We see this in the customizable filtration parameters that allow creators and viewers to automatically filter replies or threads that have specific trigger words. This is incredibly useful for those who feel as if they are in a vulnerable space, or who may create content around vulnerable or triggering topics. 
  • Translations: Just 25% of all internet users access content in English, according to experts at MarketSplash. Localizing content has been quantifiably shown to boost engagement by 50%, catering to the billions of internet users who may or may not prefer to see content in English. Threads offers users and creators Thread translations, done on an automatic basis for maximum ease of use and accessibility. 
  • Chronological feeds: Many feel that chronological feeds offer a greater sense of authenticity and flow to the user experience. Threads offers this option for accounts you follow, allowing you to stay up to date in a more logically-driven, natural presentation on-platform. 
  • The Future of Threads By Instagram

    There are more updates on the way for Threads, which is great news for those considering joining the platform (and for those who are looking to grow their following). 

    Here are the most notable updates to look forward to that are in motion at the time of this publication: 

  • Hashtags: This convenient search method is expected to come soon to Threads, and will allow users to search aggregated content for a specific term. 
  • Segmented deletion: Many users have come forward with frustrations about the Threads deletion policy, which will not allow users to delete Threads accounts without deleting their Instagram accounts. This is expected to resolve in later updates, allowing users to maintain both separately and autonomously. 
        • At the time of this publication, complete Instagram Threads account deletion is not possible without deleting the associated Instagram account. However, deactivation is. We’ll explore this in a bit more detail later on in the article. 
  • Multi-account options: This feature will be especially useful for those who may run multiple accounts across a brand or an organization, or who wish to maintain a professional vs. personal presence online. 
  • ActivityPub compatibility: This update is major, as it will open up a “fediverse” for Threads to function within. This means that it will be accessible and communicative with services that are third-party operated, possibly enabling a wider, more accessible user experience for all. This protocol is originally attributed to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and has user privacy and preference in mind. This update alone has many excited for future use of Threads and a better, more optimized experience with each user session. 

  • How Are Creators Using Threads By Instagram?

    Threads have become an integral part of holistic social media strategy. They appeal to those who prefer primarily text-based content, or for those who find themselves on the cutting edge of new media platforms in the industry. Here are a few ways creators are using threads to expand their business and brand: 

  • Establishing a presence: Both B2B and B2C benefit from being on Threads. Beyond being a new social media app that’s teeming with engagement, brands also have the opportunity to appeal to new audiences using new marketing formats. 
  • Textual-based content offers many the option of creating storytelling-focused content, or longer-form content that offers a more conversational, intimate tone for higher engagement, greater brand presence and enhanced brand perception. 
  • Engaging in new ways: With threads, there are two primary forms of engagement on-platform: Likes and comments. Brands comment as they would on Instagram, directly “speaking” to consumers and prospects. 
  • New options for cross-posting: Anytime you cross-post, you increase the chance of higher levels of visibility and engagement occurring across your channels. Threads can be easily cross-posted to Reels, Stories and more, giving consumers new ways to view and interact with your content. 
  • Is It Easy to Deactivate Instagram Threads App Profile?

    Deactivating a Threads profile is easier than deletion at this point. However, developers are working on segmented deletions (as mentioned above) for future iterations of the platform. 

    Here’s how you can deactivate your Threads app profile: 

    1. Click on the bottom right Profile icon. 
    2. Click on the bars in the upper right-hand side of your display to access the Settings menu. 
    3. Click on Account. 
    4. Click on Deactivate Threads profile. 
    5. Confirm your selection. 

    While there have been false reports that this will also affect your Instagram account, the Threads app explicitly states that it will not. You can currently deactivate your Threads app without having it affect your other accounts in the Meta suite.* 

    *This information is correct at the time of this publication. This can be subject to change at the discretion of application developers. 

    Additionally, deactivation is not the same as deletion. At this time, it is only possible to deactivate your account using the steps above, not delete it. Deleting your Threads account will, at this time, delete the associated Instagram account as well. Many expect this to resolve in the app’s later versions. 

    First Impression of Instagram Threads App

    Threads seemed to “blow up” overnight, beginning with an early leak to both the Apple and Google Play app stores. Thousands of people signed up in the interim period between leak and launch, possibly contributing to the influx of 44 million daily active users the app bragged the first week. Users initially appreciated the simplistic interface and newness of the platform, working quickly to establish themselves and flood the feed with to-the-minute thoughts. 

    The novelty waned, however, causing a slight attrition. Currently, as noted above, there are 13 million daily active users (with possibly thousands or millions more that are active a few times per week). These counts are still competitive enough for many to consider Threads as a leading social media platform, and user counts may skyrocket once again with upgrades added to later iterations of the platform. 

    Meta is already planning different techniques and “hooks” to draw users back into the platform, with spokespeople mentioning a possible push of Threads-related content that is shared within Meta’s sphere of platforms. This could be indicative of a possible algorithm shift, which could benefit both users and creators alike. 

    Curious about the differences between Instagram Threads and Twitter? This post covers them for you: Platform Battles: Instagram Threads vs Twitter (aka X)

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